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Nevada Sleep Diagnostics was a proud sponsor of the 34th annual Nevada Academy of Family Physicians Summer CME Meeting.

The benefits of testing sleep at home with the “Sleep View” Monitor was our highlight. While most of the physicians were familiar with ordering the test and understanding the results of the test, many had not seen a home sleep testing device.

There was a fascination with how the “Sleep View” components were integrated to provide information on the nature of respiratory events. Whether the respiratory events showed partially closed airway, fully closed airway, or open airway.

Relative to possible central sleep apnea (open airway), I mentioned the current Kareem Abdul Jabbar education video on atrial fibrillation. Further evaluation of the patient is important when possible central events are present. Other information that could be found with a “Sleep View” home sleep test of two nights was discussed, including sleep disruption in adolescents and young adults.

Special thanks to Dr. Neil Gokal, Chair of this NAFP conference, for the invitation and Brooke Wong for making our participation seamless. We found many old friends including Dr. Daliah Wachs, a nationally syndicated radio personality, heard here in Las Vegas on KDWN and other stations across the nation. You can also find her on podcast at her website here. I was on one of her early shows in 2009.

Dr. Daliah was the MC for the evening Sip and Savor networking gathering. She gave Nevada Sleep a couple of “shout outs.” Finally, appreciation goes to Doctor Colleen Lyons, NFP Editor who found a solution for me to a year-long question. She also Introduced me to the NFP Publication.

I couldn’t have done this without Yraima, our Marketing Director for 18 years.


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