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About Nevada Sleep Diagnostics

Picture of sleep doctor

Nevada Sleep Diagnostics, Inc.

2911 N Tenaya Way, Suite 100

Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Summary of Credentials


Nevada Sleep Diagnostics, inc. is under the same leadership for 25 years. Michael J. Labanowski, MD Medical Director, is Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine since 1993 and is Stanford Sleep Fellowship Trained.


Robert H. Labanowski CEO/CFO is a CPA and Registered Sleep Technologist. He has 35+ years of operational experience.

Senior Technologists

Luis Socorro Lopez and Ingrid Rincon are Foreign Medical Doctors and RPSGTs. Luis is a Registered Nurse and Certified Pediatric Specialist. Shauna Watkins is an RPSGT and Certified Sleep Educator.

Luis has been with Nevada Sleep since 2009, and Ingrid since 2007.Shauna comes to us from a Cardiology Sleep Lab with 10 years of sleep management experience. These Senior Technologists work directly with the sleep doctor, patient, and patient's doctor to analyze the data gathered by the Sleep Techs and format it for interpretation by the Sleep Doctor. They teach and educate themselves, the sleep techs and the community on advances in sleep diagnostics and diagnostic methodologies.

Community Relations

Yraima Labanowski has been in sales and marketing all her life and since 2006 solidifies our relationships with the referring physician’s and insurance companies.

RPSGT Technologists

Austin Hankins, Bill Ladanyi, Paul Gonzalez, Michael Proctor, and Ramon Palacio are RPSGTs and have been with Nevada Sleep for 18 years 20 years, 6 years, 1 year and 16 years respectively. They work with patients on night sleep studies and home sleep testing. Austin, in addition ensures that the equipment is calibrated, repaired, and working properly.


Bill, Paul, and Michael have a combined 20 years’ experience in direct pediatric sleep.

Senior Administrative Staff

Laura Montemurro, David Heitzky, Jeanne Pabellon, and Melanie Mertz have been here 5+ years and each have 20+ years of medical back-office experience.


Customer Service Team


A staff of 8 customer service representatives ensure the phones are answered, sleep studies are scheduled on a timely basis, and accurate insurance information and authorizations obtained. They look forward to improving your sleep health.



Nevada Sleep Diagnostics, Inc. has been improving the sleep health of Nevadans and setting the standards in “in-lab” and "at-home" sleep testing for 25 years.


Over 100,000 Sleep Studies have been performed, analyzed, and interpreted by our team.


We Outsource CPAP Therapy to select DME companies that work with your insurance.


Nevada Sleep Diagnostics, Inc has been Joint Commission Accredited since October 2001 and has met and exceeded their patient care and quality standards for the past 20+ years. We meet the Medicare standards for Board-Certified Sleep Doctors, RPSGT’s and the Joint Commission Accreditation.

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